Our Community

Longfellow Nursery School strives to offer a nurturing environment for children to grow, learn and have fun.  We believe it is important to foster a community that provides support, caring, and fun for our students and their families.  Throughout the year, we bring our families together for fun activities, play dates, outings and events.

Our classes take field trips to various locations including farms to learn about topics relevant to in-class discussion.  We celebrate holidays and cultures through various activities inside and outside the classroom. In April, we have a STEAM show where we invite all families to come to the school and view the work their children have been doing all year.

We also have a series of social gatherings for parents. You may see a mom’s night out, dad’s night out, or brewery visit on our social calendar. We also have an annual Cookie Exchange in December.  

For the whole family we hold a series of “movie nights” at the school where popcorn and other treats are offered. We also host fall and spring picnics to celebrate the beginning and end of the school year as a community.

During the summer, we celebrate the 4th of July holiday by participating in the Longfellow neighborhood 4th of July parade.  We also have a series of play dates set up for our current and new families during those months.

Joining LNS offers your child a wonderful education, a sense of community and a positive and safe place to grow.  For more information on the Longfellow experience, please contact us using the link above.

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