Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a time to visit the school?

Please contact our Vice President of Enrollment at

May I bring my child with me to observe the class?

We ask that you please find childcare for both your prospective student as well as their siblings when you come to observe the classroom. This keeps the classroom running smoothly for our current students, and we find that the observation is more useful to parents when they can give their full attention to the visit. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment outside of school to meet with the teachers and bring your child along. Once enrolled, there will be social opportunities to meet the teachers and other families over the summer. Each class typically schedules a play date once a month over the summer.

Do you require potty training?

No, we do not require potty training. We understand that potty training can be a long and challenging process! The Maryland State Department of Education requires that only teachers change diapers, not the co-oping parent. If your child is still in diapers, we ask that you provide us with a supply of diapers and wipes in a plastic zip bag.

Do you have any discounts for twins/multiples?

Tuition and fees apply in full to each child. However, a family with twins/multiples enrolled in the same class is not required to do twice the work of fundraising, housekeeping, committee assignments, etc.

What are my responsibilities in the classroom?

Each family is responsible for cooping on a rotating basis in the classroom. There will be a coop orientation at the beginning of the school year to meet with the teachers and learn the ropes. The coop parent arrives early to help with set-up, participates in the day’s activities (play!), and stays after school to help clean up.

May I bring my infant with me when I co-op?

We ask that you please arrange childcare for all siblings on your coop and coop back-up days. Many LNS families “baby swap” with other class families!

What are our responsibilities within the school?

Each family serves on a committee, attends regular school meetings, participates in school fundraisers, and shares housekeeping duties on a rotating basis.

I have specific questions about your school’s curriculum.

Please schedule a time to come and visit with our wonderful teachers during or before/after class! They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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