Parent Co-Op Experience


Parents are involved directly in all aspects of their child’s education:

  • Watch your child grow, learn, and play in the classroom!
  • Participate in your child’s education as a teacher’s assistant
  • Join your child on one or more field trips
  • Attend General Meetings (once every other month in the evening)
  • Participate in our annual yard sale
  • Assist in some housekeeping duties to keep the school tidy
  • Participate on a committee or board for the school
  • Join us during school outings, events, mom’s night outs etc. (optional)
  • Have a say in how your child’s school is run!

Assisting in the Classroom!

Each preschool class is attended by a co-oping parent who serves as a teaching assistant to our two teachers. The co-op parent helps set-up the room before class, brings in the snack for the class, and participates in the day’s activities (play!), and stays after school for a few minutes to tidy up the room.

Historically, parents assist teachers in the classroom once every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of the class. The co-op schedule is typically created a month before the semester begins, so parents have notice of their dates before the next semester begins. A co-op orientation is held at the beginning of the school year to give parents more information about their co-op role in the classroom.

Committee Position Descriptions

Health and Safety Representative
Ensures that a fully completed health form is received for each child prior to the start of school

Housekeeping Committee
Schedules and oversees regular housekeeping for the school

Educational Materials & Art Preparation Committee
Helps the teachers prepare projects and materials needed in the classroom

Product and Supply Representative
Maintains our stock of classroom supplies (for example, art materials)

Equipment Committee
Helps to set up all of LNS’s equipment (e.g. playground toys) at the start of each year and to store all of our equipment at the end of each year. Assists in clearing snow and ice from our playground.

Fundraising Committee
Plans three fun yearly fundraisers for our school

Book Club/Library Representative
Distributes Scholastic Book/Magazine offers to LNS families
Maintains our collection of books and music

Newsletter Editor
Prepares regular publications for LNS families to share information about current and upcoming events

Social Committee
Plans two events each year for LNS families, including our traditional Welcome Picnic in the fall and a gathering in the Spring

Tuition Treasurer
Assists the Treasurer by handling the monthly tuition payments from LNS families

Website Committee
Develops and manages the school’s website

Community Outreach Committee
Organizes community outreach activities (examples include Food Bank, Grandparent and Family Connections Holiday Gift Drive, and IDENT-A-KID)

School Board

Support our school by being on the school board! If you join the school board, you will be part of a great team of parent volunteers that are responsible for running our school. During your time on the board, you will meet a wonderful group of people and make lasting friendships. Your time on the board will result in making a huge impact on your child’s school run. When on the Board, you will meet once a month at 7:30 p.m. on a weekday.


Facilitates the teacher, general and board meetings. Manages every business aspect of running our school.

VP of Enrollment

Manages correspondence with prospective families through email and phone calls. Facilitates the school’s Open House and the Preschool Fair. Provides new and current families with enrollment paperwork for registration. Manages all registration paperwork.

Public Relations Chair

Manages the school’s Facebook page, website, google and yelp business pages. Provides the community with information about our school.


Bookkeeping, cutting checks for reimbursement, and paying bills.


Records information during the General and Board Meetings and provides the minutes from these meetings. Gathers and disperses the school’s mail as needed.

Social Chair

Facilitates the running of the school’s social functions to include the Welcome Back Picnic, Mom’s Night Out etc.

Fundraising Chair

Facilitates the fundraising activities for the school to include our yard sale and trike-a-thon.

2’s Class Representative

Liaison for the 2’s class and the teachers

3’s Class Representative

Liaison for the 3’s class and the teachers

4’s Class Representative

Liaison for the 4’s class and the teachers